Joseph Callen

Joseph has grown up with Go Beyond Holidays. He was there from the beginning, being the eldest child of Director’s Ian and Anna’s, and fellow director Neil’s God son.

Go Beyond has always been a family affair and guests who have been coming since 2010 will have seen Joseph grow up.

Having joined the team as a 16 year old back in 2019, we are looking forward to him bringing his enthusiasm for the this summer in Dartmoor. Joseph, will be studying Geography at Exeter University in September and hopes to work in Geopolitics.

A Few Questions to Joseph Callen

What motivates and inspires you?

Understanding how the world works and exploring different nations and cultures.

What are your strengths?

With having attended different schools, being at a boarding house, and my school years coming to an end, I would like to consider myself as a social individual and capable of interacting with ease, whoever the person. I am also bilingual in French and English, so one of my main strengths would be being able to learn, write, and interact in both languages.

What is the highlight of working for Go Beyond Holidays?

My highlight is being able to volunteer for a cause where one can enjoy teamwork, cooperation and the will to make the guests feel as confident as possible and have them experience new opportunities, all the while having a good laugh.

Do you have any personal ambitions?

As for now, I would like to complete my coming uni studies and look forward to meeting with new people. I would aspire to travel and live and settle abroad (where exactly is unknown as of now).

Finally, if you were set adrift on a desert island which three albums, three films, three books and one luxury would you take?

Velvet Underground by the velvet underground
American dream by LCD sound system
Wenu Wenu by Omar Souleyman

Three films:
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Star Wars: all of it

Bush craft and survival
The Bible

Luxury item:
Water Pump with drinkable water…

Joseph Callen