What is a Supported Holiday?

What's it all about?

We all need support in certain aspects of our lives.

Some people need help in the areas of their social life perhaps due to a learning disability, or a condition like ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or maybe in areas linked to anxiety.

There are many reasons why you may need support and help in social situations of life.

This extends to support whilst on holiday and travelling. At Go Beyond Holidays we view a supported holiday as starting from the moment a guest and their support network (this can include any one or all of the following; family, friends and professional social care) get in touch for more details about our supported holidays.

We work closely with the guest’s support network, using clear communication to build our care plans and risk assessments to ensure that the supported holiday for the guest is fun, memorable, and safe.


Enjoy a supported holiday with Go Beyond Holidays

Book your supported holiday with us

Once a supported holiday is booked with us, we guide our guests through areas of travel insurance, itinerary’s, kit lists, flights and financial protection. We meet our guests at a UK airport, and from here we support them through security and into the departure lounge.

Here our guests are supported to relax whilst we wait for our gate to be called or browse the shops. When our gate is called, we support our guests on to the aeroplane and into their seat. We do our best to ensure that our group is sitting all together, but this isn’t always possible depending on when you have booked. Our team support guests on to the flight to the destination airport.

On arrival, together we go through passport control and collect our luggage. Then we head to our accommodation via our mini buses or taxi. We repeat our support and this process for the return journey.

Your supported holiday accommodation

Once at the accommodation and we are settled in, then the ‘supported holiday’ properly begins. Our support during the holiday includes our support team always being present. We may share a room with guests if support is needed during the night. Medication will be stored away in a safe place and administered by our staff using MARS sheets. Guests are supported throughout the holiday to be dressed accordingly to the climate and the activity. Guests are supported on the activities and visits as the supported holiday progresses. We also support guests, if required, with money and currencies, and any purchases they wish to make. There may be other individual support needs, that care plans and risk assessments highlight that we ensure are in place.

During the supported holiday, we create a Whats App group for guests, Go Beyond team and the guests support network. This enables us all to stay in touch with each other, share photos and comments and reassuring families and friends. It also keeps everyone up to date with any possible travel disruption that may occur.

A supported holiday is a process that begins with an email or phone call and we hope ends with an embrace and a fond farewell after a wonderful experience together.