World Cuisine Week

Go Beyond’s International Festival of Food!

24th – 31st July 2021

What's to get excited about!

Well just take a look at what’s on the menu for World Cuisine Week!

With an inspirational landscape of rugged ‘tors’ and heather clad moors, and designated a National Park in 1951, Dartmoor is without question, one of the last great wildernesses in the UK. An enormous tract of untamed, rich and diverse countryside stretching across 368 square miles. It is quite simply, unique. Unlike any other landscape in the country with its stannary towns, rushing streams, secluded villages, Dartmoor ponies, mysterious hit circles, towering granite tors, standing stones and mighty ancient woodlands just inviting us to explore. And we will. Mythical Dartmoor awaits!

World Cuisine Week - vegetables

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Where you'll be staying...

At the wonderful Adventure Lodge, located on the fringes of Dartmoor. A place where the primary aim is to ‘bring Dartmoor to life’ for each and every visitor and guest.

Your accommodation will be comfortable and clean…  perfect for a good nights rest. Just what you’ll need after each day of exploring the local markets for produce before bringing home the fine fayre for supper!

Food, glorious food!

Our regular guests will know that we put a lot of love and care into our mealtimes – whether it’s out and about or in our holiday base itself. So you will be delighted to know that the Centre offers fully equipped kitchens and excellent facilities including heated serving units, dishwashers (you’re off the hook there a Neil!) and plenty of cold storage.

Perfect for our budding chefs to master the art of cooking on this wonderful World Cuisine week.

What you'll experience...

So we have a beautiful, scenic base from which to enjoy your amazing Go Beyond World Cuisine Week holiday. And what a week to tantalise the taste buds it’s going to be? Of course you can’t miss the stunning and dramatic beauty of Dartmoor… it’s all around you, the scenery of course. The stunning and strangely weird geology and archaeology, the historic remains of the mining industry, local folklore and legend and wildlife and flora that’s found only in this dramatic and wild wilderness.

So plenty to see and discover for sure but you are here for a very special reason… to learn about food and to enjoy finding it, preparing it and finally eating it! And what finer pleasure is there than that? There’s also going to be the great company, the camaraderie and special time with your new found (and perhaps old) friends. Of wandering and wondering in the teaming local markets as you tick the ingredients for today’s meal off your shopping list. Of cleaning, preparing and finally cooking your very own evening meals. Mmm, delicious!

There’s a different theme each day. It’s normally a country, for example, China, and we cook a traditional meal from that country. We also have a vegan day.

Your Go Beyond World Cuisine Week is going to be so much fun. Anyone for seconds?

Accessibility and Inclusion

Inclusion is important to us so we strive, whenever possible, to make our holidays accessible to all. So we are delighted that on this World Cuisine Week holiday, we are able to welcome guests with reduced mobility and who may be wheelchair users. This will be available on a first come basis as accessible accommodation is very limited. So don’t waste a minute and contact us as soon as possible.

You’ve seen what’s on the menu… so don’t waste a minute and contact us as soon as possible. You really would not want to miss out on this feast of fun!

Holiday name: World Cuisine Week

24th – 31st July 2021

Nights: 7 nights

Accommodation: Adventure Lodge

Evening meal is prepared by you with the help of our great team.
Breakfast and lunch is prepared by Christine, our Go Beyond chef.

Price: £2230

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