Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions you may have about taking a holiday with us…

Do I have to come with a carer?

Not normally, we have a full team to support you on your holiday, however, if we and your support network at home, decide it is safer to bring support from home in addition to our support then we will let you know at the planning stages of your holiday.

How much pocket money would I need for the week?

We recommend £100 – £150.

Can you provide food for people with allergies or specific dietary requirements?

Yes. We can cater for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, coeliac and for those with allergies or religious dietary requirements.

Will I be sharing a room?

Yes and we have male and female rooms and rooms for couples on request.

What happens if I get ill while I am on holiday?

We will contact your support at home to decide as to what happens next. If required, we will support you to the nearest doctors or hospital. If your illness requires you to rest for a day or so, a member of staff will stay with you until you are better. If your illness requires you to come home, then arrangements will be made to support you on the journey back home.

How would I get to the destination from the United Kingdom?

We would accompany you from a designated airport, for example London Gatwick, at check-in, on the flight to your destination. We will then support you back to the UK airport..

If I don't like flying, can I take the train?

Yes, we can arrange this for you and support you on the train.

Can your holidays be adapted to my needs?

Yes through careful assessment, working together with you and your support.

What will the staff ratio to holidaymakers be?

We have six staff and we take a maximum of ten holiday makers per holiday. We sometimes have volunteers with us helping out in addition.

Who will meet me at the airport / meeting point?

You will be met by Go Beyond staff. Before your holiday you will be sent an information pack with a full itinerary and flight details. In this information will be the name of the person accompanying you on your flight.

Can I be contacted whilst I am out on holiday with you?

Yes by telephone or e-mail and through our WhatsApp holiday group that your parents/friends/carers/family members can be added to.

How much would it cost to bring my carer?

We make it affordable by only charging for the flight, activities, meals and accommodation.

Will I need a passport?

Yes, if travelling abroad from the UK. If your holiday is within the UK then we encourage you to bring it for identification purposes.

Can you support me with money?

Yes. We have a money form that we allocate to you, this records the money you hand over to you each day with what you have left.

Do you have WiFi at the accommodation?

Normally, yes. If there isn’t there will be details on the holiday information segment of a particular holiday.

How do I pay for the holiday?

You can send a deposit to reserve your place by cheque or bank transfer. Then the outstanding balance is due sixty days before your holiday date. You can also pay over interest free instalments.

Can I get to speak to a member of the Go Beyond staff before I come?

Yes. We can arrange to ring or Skype you at a time that is convenient for you.

Are your staff trained in lifting?

Yes. We have Manual Handling certificates.

Will I need an adaptor for my phone / computer / electronic devices?

Yes, if the destination is outside the UK. Details of relevant adaptors will be listed in the KIT list which will be sent to you on booking confirmation.

How big are the groups of holidaymakers?

Groups can be made up of up to ten holidaymakers.

Where can I smoke on the journey?

You will be able to smoke at designated areas in the airports/station/meeting point, but not on the aeroplane/train/minibus. At the accommodation you can smoke in designated areas.