Our mission

Approach and Philosophies

Our main mission is to support our guests to achieve their goals as independently as possible during their holiday with us. We encourage our guests to embrace their white water rafting trip with excitement, and we hope they finish making their pizza to share with everyone and we desire that they photograph their golden eagle in flight.

To foster that environment on our holidays we undertake certain philosophies that are very simple.


Only support where needed, don’t be intrusive with your support of a guest. Many people with good intentions over support which in the long run doesn’t help the guest to progress.
Treat each guest as an equal to yourself. Never patronise or treat guests like children. We are dealing with adults and just because they need support in certain areas doesn’t mean they should be talked down to. I need support in my life, we all do, I need support around car mechanics, I am useless at it, and I pay someone to support me with this, I do not expect to be patronised when dealing with a mechanic.

Give as much time as you can and listen a lot. This is valuing people, valuing someone’s dreams, stories and futures. You can help to facilitate a dream or help to heal a hurt if you listen.


Our holidays are pitched at a level that will be appealing to anyone. Younger guests today want the same experiences as their peers, like trekking in the mountains like their older siblings, they want to see the northern Lights in the land of fire and ice, just like their friends from school did in their gap year and they want to experience the longest train ride in the world that crosses the Siberian plains like hey saw in a recent travel documentary on television. We want then to experience this too.

Be flexible and adapt to changes, we may have to make to accommodate someone’s needs that were not planned for. For example, someone who at the last minute may decide that they do not wish to participate in an activity, like paragliding. This can be literally as they are about to step off the hillside.

Clear and regular communication between care network of guest to be able to ascertain the best care plan and risk assessment for the holiday. This will help to create the best holiday possible that is fun, challenging, progressive but safe, a very important element if we are to be trusted by the guest and their care network.